Premium content library management and project analytics software

  • Speed: Search content and insert in seconds.
  • Control: High-level access controls, share libraries with internal and external partners at the user or group level.
  • Organise: Manage one master library housed in a secure cloud.
  • Insight: Prevent slow sync times and Revit crashes by monitoring project date through the analytics dashboards.
  • Empower Designers: Give your design team fast access to the content they need in order to design efficiently.

(In April 2019 UNIFI CORE rebranded as UNIFI PRO.)

UNIFI Project Analytics

Avoid time-wasting model issues with PROJECT ANALYTICS, the new model health and quality monitoring feature addition to UNIFI PRO, that give you insights and alerts to help you improve design phase efficiency.

  • Helps you identify issues before they become serious problems.
  • Health indicators with customisable alerts.
  • Manage Revit warnings and categories by urgency.
  • Drill down into the specific issues and related users for swift corrective action.
  • Easy-to-read, predesigned dashboards.
  • Real-time data that updates with every sync to central.
  • Set-up in minutes with 3 simple steps. No coding, no integrations, no extensive training.

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