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There is nothing wrong with Revit training in a classroom setting. It's often provided by your software reseller, and serves as a good introduction to a program.

The downside is that classroom training is often structured in a way that shows you what the tools do in isolation, but when you have to create a new project, you're left wondering where to start and which steps to follow. You're also always either holding everyone up when struggling to understand a topic, or waiting for others to catch up.

We can help by giving real-world Revit training to small groups or teams, or one-to-one. The best way to learn is by working on a project. We can assist at different stages of a project, giving advice, support and training. In this way information is received in small, more manageable portions just when needed. Often knowledge received during 3 to 5 day training sessions is forgotten within a few months of not being applied.

Revit Training

Revit training

Group and one-to-one training, at your pace and tailored according to your needs.

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