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Countless man-hours are lost on construction sites daily due to site measurement errors or omissions. As a result architects and engineers often have to go to site to take additional measurements and photos, or to resolve issues as a direct results of incorrect measurements.

By using reality capture, a highly accurate (up to +/-2mm over 200m) and detailed 3D model (point cloud) can be created of buildings and infrastructure. This is done with the use of 3D laser scanning and/or UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle, also know as drones) technology. The point cloud is in turn linked into Revit to create the 3D model.

Sounds complicated? We can project manage a 3D survey, undertaken by chartered surveyors, and create the 3D Revit model to a pre-agreed level of development.

This technology can be used for:

  • Preserving historic Architecture in digital format
  • Alterations & Extensions
  • Visual inspection & fault finding
  • As-build info during all phases of construction and at project handover
  • Rental property condition capture, pre & post tenancy
Reality Capture 3D

Reality Capture

Let us help you create accurate and detailed surveys of your projects and turn them into 3D Revit Models.

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