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Our Approach

With more than 20 years’ experience in the AEC industry, starting as an Architectural Technician, John was an early adopter of Revit and BIM in 2011, and transitioned into a BIM management role in 2014. With his own consultancy that specialises in BIM implementation, training and support and content creation, John has worked for Architects, Developers and Surveyors in most sectors, including large-scale residential, commercial, healthcare, educational, historic buildings and super-prime housing, delivering projects to the highest of standards.

John assists companies with the delivery of projects to the BIM ISO 19650 series of standards. He has created BIM library content, documentation, templates, standards, procedures and workflows for companies, and he has also trained, supported and assisted the teams in delivering projects in Revit.

John has a passion for problem-solving, teaching and helping others. Diligence, quality, precision, and punctuality are his core values.

Outside of work, John loves supporting charities and those in need, and in 2012 John became the UK’s first Directed Altruistic Living Organ Donor by donating a kidney to a man he had just met, thereby changing previous legislation and opening the door to countless similar donations. John also enjoys nature, fitness and exercise, technology and helicopter flying.