BIM Implementation. Revit Training. Revit Support. Revit Content Creation. Reality Capture.

BIM (Building Information Modelling) can be as intimidating as it is revolutionary. We believe BIM is here to stay and will completely change the way the Architectural, Engineer and Construction industries work and collaborate.

With more than 8 years of BIM experience we can help you or your business transition into BIM with ease. We have a real passion for BIM and technology, and first hand experience of the challenges that BIM adoption brings.

We can support you with full BIM implementation, create a BIM Implementation Plan, produce Standard and Procedures, Revit project templates and families, deploy Autodesk Revit software, and provide Revit training and support.

We can also have your existing project surveyed with the use of 3D laser scanning and UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, commonly knows as drone) reality capture technology, and create a 3D Revit model to a predetermined level of development (LOD).

BIM Implementation

Creating BIM documents and software installation is a lot of admin. Let us help you.

Revit Training

Group and one-to-one training, at your pace and tailored according to your needs.

Revit Support


Knowledge is power. Training alone won't prepare you for real-world BIM obstacles. We can help you.

Revit Content Creation

Time is money. We can set up new projects for you and create your complex parametric families.

Reality Capture


Let us help you create accurate and detailed surveys of your projects and turn them into 3D Revit Models.


UNIFI Labs BIM Expert Partner

We are proud to be the BIM Expert Partner for UNIFI Labs in London and the United Kingdom.

At its core UNIFI is a Revit integrated cloud-based BIM content management & model analytics platform. It helps BIM Managers organise and control the quality of their Revit family libraries and proactively managing the health and quality of Revit models.

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